Tummy Sticks

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What does Tummy Sticks mean?

Tummy sticks is when you play drums on someone else’s tummy, but rather than using drumsticks, you use your erect penis.

Another version is the “solo tummy sticks”, where you lift and release your own erect penis, so that it slaps against your tummy.

Playing “tummy sticks” is either done just for the fun of it between two very close bro’s, but it is more often than not part of homosexual foreplay.

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Origin of the term

The expression was first heard in the 2005 comedy film “Wedding Crashers”, starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.

Character “Jeremy”, played by Vince Vaughn, accidentally ends up in bed with gay character “Todd”, who climbs on top of him and aggressively whispers to him “let’s play tummy sticks!”

Spread of the term

Very soon after the release of the film, user Moonie McNasty uploaded the term to Urban Dictionary with the same definition.

In 2010, Ace McFace asked on yahoo!Answers “How do you play tummy sticks?”, to which user CameronN responded “Think about lightsaber battles in Star Wars, but think of a certain part of your anatomy instead of lightsabers.”

This response was chosen as  “favorite answer”.


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