Toilet slave

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What does Toilet slave mean?

A Toilet Slave is a participant in a sexual fetish related to scat activities.

The Toilet Slave is quite literally what it sounds like. It is a “slave”, as in the submissive part of a relationship, that acts as a toilet to the dominant part.

It is the submissive person of a BDSM sexual relationship, who will let the dominant person sit on their face and do their business in their mouth.

Some will strictly keep it to urination, while others with poop fetishes will go as far as accepting fecal matter into their mouth. The Toilet Slave usually swallows the desecrated matter.

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Origin of the term

A person that is a Toilet Slave will in many cases have a paraphilia involving feces called Coprophilia, at the same time as they gain pleasure from BDSM submission.

In few cases, the person does not gain sexual pleasure from feces, but will simply tolerate it because they are delivered by the dominant part of the relationship.

Spread of the term

The term is used by the BDSM community, and there are numerous videos and photos showing people either willingly or tied laying under another person, sometimes with their head in a box shaped like a toilet.

Toilet Slaves are more often than not men, usually with a female dominatrix.

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