Ruined orgasm

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What does Ruined orgasm mean?

Ruined orgasm refers to the practice of erotic sexual denial, when one of the participants refuses or gets denied of sexual climax to increase arousal or tension.

Its subjects are usually men, who are pushed to the edge of climax but then the stimulation is completely stopped.

This is usually repeated until the person can’t contain the orgasm anymore and ejaculates without further stimulation of the penis.

On multiple accounts, this is considered to be fun to watch, usually resulting in pleasure for both sides.

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Origin of the term

The practice is most possibly originating from a milder foreplay of BDSM, where the dominant female often denies pleasure from the male as a show of power.

Nonetheless, it is still practiced in more intimate relationships, where the couple both retains pleasure from this kind of sexual kink.

Spread of the term

With the spread of the internet, couples and people with weird sexual fetishes have much more freedom in researching sexual practices, enabling the spread of ruined orgasms.

The first Urban Dictionary entry about ruined orgasm was admitted in 2004.

Online, ruined orgasm can mostly be found on sites, discussing unusual fetishes, though the phrase itself is still not as widespread

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