Puffy Vagina

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What does Puffy Vagina mean?

The meaning of puffy vagina is pretty self-explanatory; it refers to a meaty, juicy and appetizing pussy.

There is debate if it is the labia, that is meaty, or the vulva, though a meaty vulva is mostly referred to as a roastie.

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Origin of the term

The origins of the term are embedded into mystery, since it might have been used for ages.

Its first popular appearance, however happened on December 16th 2013, in the third episode of season one from Rick and Morty, called Anatomy Park, where Rick tries to turn Morty off a girl, by telling him she has a puffy vagina.

Spread of the term

The series from Adult Swim had set the ground for the expression to spread, with several people inquiring about the meaning and origin of it ever since. It has been present on Urban Dictionary since 2015.

Puffy vagina still remains a theme of debate, whether it is attractive or not, though this is a question everyone must answer for themselves.


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