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What does Praise Kink mean?

Praise kink is exactly what it sounds like, someone with a “praise kink” gets off on the appraisal and confirmation they get from their partner.

Phrases such as “good girl/boy”, “you are doing an amazing job” and everything that is considered a compliment on the submissive’s work and personality will make them very aroused.

All these phrases could put the submissive into an euphoric state and it also makes them more obedient towards their dominant partner.

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Origin of the term

The origin of the term can’t exactly be determined since kinks are as old as having intercourse.

However, the phrase probably started to spread as “praise kink” in the 1980s.

Spread of the term

On various platforms the term “praise kink” received a hefty chunk of recognition, including Reddit, Tumblr and such, where people can anonymously share their experiences and kink with each other and help the ones who would like to get into them.

For instance, on Youtube a video blogger going by the name Evie Lupine makes a series of videos titled BDSM 101, in which she explains and guides people who are interested in the topics, including “praise kink”.


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