Lot lizard

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What does Lot lizard mean?

A lot lizard is a truck-stop prostitute.

The truck stops are resting centres for truck drivers, and they usually feature bathrooms, restaurants and kiosks and sometimes a motel or inn.

The majority of truck drivers are male, and they have often been on the road, alone, for many hours, days, sometimes weeks.

Prostitutes use this opportunity to go from truck to truck and offer services such as blowjobs, sex or handjobs to the lonely men.

They usually work in the night but sometimes in daytime as well, if there is need for it. Flashing your trucklights is a signal invitation, indicating that you would like to purchase their service.

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Origin of the term

The term was first quoted in 1986, in vol. 53 of the University of Kansas city review, and has been quoted repeatedly in literature and pop culture.

As a profession, lot lizards emerged as long-haul truck driving became a business, and it was an opportunity to easily find men in need of company.

Spread of the term

In the 90’ there was significantly larger numbers of “lot lizards” walking the stops, and the numbers have decreased in the past decades.

Since, it is quoted in literature, music and videos. The famous rock band “Green Day” mentions lot lizards in their song “Misery”.


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