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What does Gooning mean?

Gooning is bodily state that follows after a prolonged session of edging.

Edging is when a person brings himself, or with the help of others, reaches the point right before orgasm, but does not finish it. An edging session involves repeatedly reaching the “edge” before an orgasm, but not letting it out, thus keeping all the sexual tension in.

So after edging, a man’s body will turn to a nearly meditative, trance like state, called gooning.

It is called gooning because at this point, there is nothing in your mind but your erect penis, and the only focus you have is your sexual tension. This will often leave the person looking like a goon – a foolish,  silly creature.

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Origin of the term

The word comes from the silly face often made by children, sticking their tongue out and making funny expressions, called “goon face”.

The activity, however, seems to have developed in the modern era with unlimited access to online adult entertainment, and people with too much time on their hands, and lack of new experiences.

Spread of the term

Edging has become very popular in the past energy as it harnesses sexual energy and turns it into vigorous energy in daily life.

Edging repeatedly till you reach the gooning stage is preferred by some people, as it leaves you in an ecstacy filled meditative state.

Numerous hits on “gooning” adult entertainment proves the interest in the practice from all over the world.

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