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What does Findom mean?

Findom is short for financial domination, a paraphilia that originates from a desire to be dominated in a commercial way.

Most often than not, there is no actual physical contact between the dominatrix and the submissive, the whole ordeal is dealt with online.

The difference between Findom and a sugar daddy relationship lies in this.

While with a sugar daddy, the female gives a relationship in exchange for money and gifts, in a financial domination, there is no expectation of any sexuality or relationship for the given valuables.

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Origin of the term

Findom is related to BDSM in the aspect, that it is the submission, the resignation of power that gives satisfaction to the subservient.

According to many submissives, it is the thought of people invading your personal financial life in this money crazed world that arouses them.

Spread of the term

Findom is also very popular by women, on account of it being an easy thing to exploit and get rich on.

In fact, it is even better than a sugar daddy, because the dominatrix doesn’t even have to commit in a relationship, or even meet the submissive, for that matter.

Despite that, it is still very popular amongst rich men, who have nothing to lose.


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