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What does Ear sex mean?

According to Chicago Reader, Ear Sex is a wide spectrum. For example, auralism can be described as “ear sex”, because it is all about one’s obsession with sounds, music or sex noises.

Also, ear fetish definitely fits into the spectrum of “ear sex”. It can range from rubbing, caressing, or whispering into one another’s ear.

However, it must be noted that some people know and define the term as the feeling of cleaning your ear with a Q-Tip and don’t associate it with anything sexual.

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Origin of the term

The earliest known appearance that could be found on the Internet about the term “Ear sex” was actually on Urban Dictionary.

For a long time, many thought it can be traced back to a Family Guy episode that aired in 2006, but the entry on Urban Dictionary was submitted in 2003 by the user N/A.

The entry lists the meaning of the term in two points. It is defined as: “Putting your penis in one’s ear” or “Rubbing your earlobe on one’s penis.”

Spread of the term

Regardless of the 2003 entry, the Family Guy episode titled Prick Up Your Ears was the one that drew attention to the term.

In the episode Meg learns about a lesson of abstaining from sex, so his current boyfriend suggests “ear sex”. That was the moment when the majority of people even heard about the phrase.

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