Dutch Rudder

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What does Dutch Rudder mean?

Dutch Rudder is a sexual act which is somewhere halfway between masturbating and a handjob.

It involves two people. One has their hands on their penis, and the other person grabs the man’s arm and controls it into an up and down movement, so that he is jerking his penis with his own hand.

Yet, the movement is caused by another.

Some do this to try something new, but a common joke is that this activity is done by two men, it allows them to satisfy each other “without being gay”.

The sexual act can be done by either two men or women, or one of each, but it must have minimum two people.

Dutch Rudder

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Origin of the term

Rudder is a modern version of an Old English word meaning “to steer”.

What “Dutch” has to do with the activity is unclear, however some people have theorized that the many vulgar or negative relations to the word “Dutch” in the English language comes from the historic enmity between the two countries.

Spread of the term

This sexual activity is normally done between two men.

Most of the time it is considered a joke, but two men who are holding onto some sexual frustration may very well give each other a Dutch Rudder, to climax without touching each others genitals.

It has inspired the creation of sex related memes, and also online porn.


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