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What does Bestiality mean?

The term bestiality has two, similar senses.

In one case, bestiality may refer to a person’s animal like, wild, wicked and unforgiving nature.

The other use of the word bestiality comes up with the paraphilia; zoophilia.

The zoophile is a person, who has a sex driven attraction to non-human animals.

Bestiality differs from zoophilia in the way, that zoophilia is merely the attraction towards non-human animals, while bestiality is referring to the sexual act already committed with the creature.

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Origin of the term

The term “bestial” got adopted into the English language from the French word, with the same spelling, around the 15th century.

Bestial is a word of Roman heritage, literally meaning “belonging to a beast” or “having qualities of a beast”.

The word bestiality was first used to describe a sexual act between animal and man in the 1650’s, and is now one of the primary meanings of the term.

Spread of the term

Bestiality has been a theme and a common occurrence in all the cultures and regions of humanity, appearing in art and folklore worldwide.

Today, bestiality is outlawed and socially unacceptable in civilized countries, though there are still several states, where zoophilia and interspecies coitus is still an occurrence.

With the new age of technology, though, many turn to the internet’s wide variety of porn and merchandise, such as realistic animal like dildos etc.


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