Beef curtains

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What does Beef curtains mean?

When someone mentions beef curtains, they are not talking about decorative meat hanging in your windows to block out the sun.

They are referring to a woman’s outer vaginal lips, the labia majora.

In some cases, when looking at a woman’s vulva (and you are particularly hungry), the vaginal lips might resemble some roast beef.

A man would usually call them “beef curtains” if they are bigger than he is used to seeing.

The vaginal lips vary in size and shape from woman to woman, and in contrast to common belief, has nothing to do with the amount of sexual partners a woman has had.

The slang is mainly used by men to make fun of women’s genitals.

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Origin of the term

The term was first recorded with the above-mentioned definition in 1988, and gained some pop-culture references during the 90’s.

It didn’t really hit it off until it spread to Twitter in 2007, and numerous definitions appeared online soon after.

Spread of the term

As a counter-movement to the vulgar term, people started uploading images of literal beef curtains – curtains stitched together by steaks. Now, if someone would refer to beef curtains, they could post the picture and ask “these beef curtains?”

In a 2015 episode of Bob’s Burgers, “Gene” blurts out “beef curtains” when the family is trying to find a new name for their truck.

Later, during a hip-hop rivalry between Azealia Banks and Remy Ma in 2017, texts were leaked where Azealia Banks complained about her “beef curtains”.


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